Map of Victoria Australia

Victoria Australia
Facts & Statistics



  • Area:
  • 227,600 sq kms
  • Relative Size:
  • 3% of the Australian continental landmass.
  • Physical Features:
  • The Great Dividing Range runs across the state from east to west.
  • Climate:
  • South of the ranges: Moderate temperature and rainfall
  • North of the ranges: High temperature and low rainfall.
  • It is cooler and wetter than other mainland states and territories (Tasmania an island is cooler and wetter)
  • Population

  • 5.737 million people (as at June 2013)
  • Over 70% of the population live in the greater Melbourne area.
  • 26.2% of Victoria's population were born overseas
  • 46.8% of Victorians are either first or second generation Australians either being born overseas, or have a parent who was born overseas. They came from more than 200 countries speaking 260 languages and dialects and 135 religious sects.
  • The top ten countries of birth other than those born in Australia were: England, India, China, New Zealand, Italy, Vietnam, Greece, Sri Lanka, Malaysia and the Philippines.
  • State Government

  • Parliamentary democracy
  • British model
  • 4 year term of office
  • Voting is compulsory
  • Voting age is 18
  • Bi-cameral legislature (two houses of parliament)
  • Legislative Assembly (House of Representatatives) - 88 members
  • Legislative Council (Senate) - 40 members
  • Head of State - The Governor
    The representative of the Monarch - Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom.
  • Head of Government - The Premier
    Who is the leader of the political party with the majority in the House of Representatives.
  • Responsibilities
    Education, Health (hospitals), Local Government, Law and Order, Environment Protection.
  • Flag of Victoria Australia

    Victoria Flag

    • Union Jack(the British flag) - represents the past link with England.
    • Crown - represents the British Crown
    • The Southern Cross - represent the southern cross a group of stars that can be see in the Australian night sky.

    Victoria was the first Australian colony to have its own flag

    Major Cities


    • Capitalist (based on manufacture, agriculture and minerals)
    • Manufacture: Food , Beverages and Tobacco; Chemicals, Petroleum and Coal, Motor Vehicles
    • Mining: Coal (largest brown coal deposits in the world), Gold, Oil and Gas (51% and 41% of Australian production)
    • Agriculture: Wheat, Oats,Barley, Cattle and Sheep.

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