Melbourne The Capital of the State of Victoria

Melbourne Skyline

Melbourne is the capital of the state of Victoria in Australia. It is the second largest city in Australia.
It has been consistently voted as one of the worlds' most liveable cities.

The City of MelbourneThe World's Most Livable City in 2011, 2012,1013, 2014

Melbourne is renowned for its parks, fickle weather, clanging trams, upside-down river, football and its cosmopolitan outlook. It is also the financial capital of Australia. About 4 million people live in the greater Melbourne area.

The people of Melbourne came from all over the world. Over 35% of the population were born overseas.

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Yarra River

Melbourne Yarra River

The Yarra River flows right by the city. It is sometimes called "the river that flows upside down" because of its muddy colour. The reason for this colour is because mud particles stay suspended in the water and don't settle to the bottom like in most rivers. It is a very clean river (now).

During the warmer months people like to walk along the river, visit the parks and sunbathe (ouch) along the banks.

The Moomba festival also has a lot of events on the river. I love the birdman competition where they try to see who can fly the furthest after jumping off a bridge. Its very funny.


Melbourne Old Tram
Melbourne Tram

Melbourne loves its electric trams and has the largest tram network in the world. It is the only city in Australia which still has them as part of its public transport system. We paint some of them with interesting designs and motifs. There is even a tram restaurant where you can dine while trundling past interesting sites around the city .

Trams have right of way on our roads and also make us do unusual right hand turns at city intersections.



The first tram ran between Box Hill and Doncaster in 1889.

Botanical Gardens

Melborune Botanical Gardens

Melbourne has many public parks and gardens within walking distance of the city centre:

  • Botanical Gardens was created in the English landscape tradition and extends for 36 hectares along the Yarra River.
  • Fitzroy Gardens has Captain Cooks Cottage, the Fairy Tree carved with tiny figures and a model Tudor village.
  • Flagstaff Gardens is the city's first public gardens
  • Treasury Gardens is close to the state government offices.
  • Carlton Gardens where the Exhibition Buildings are situated.
  • Kings Domain contains the Shrine of Remembrance, La Trobe's Cottage and the Myer Music Bowl.

Melbourne Captain Cook's Cottage

Melborune Fitzroy Gardens

Melbourne War Memorial

Art Centre

Melbourne NGV Water Wall
Melbourne Art Center Spire

The Arts Centre is a short walk across Princes Bridge on St Kilda Road and is now a part of the largerSouthgate entertainment complex.

It consists of the:

The Art Centre's lattice work spire glows a light purple colour at night and can be seen from miles around.

The Water Wall at the museum is very popular with young children.

Government House

Government House Melbourne

Government House is the official residence of the Governor of Victoria. It is located in the precincts of the Botanical Gardens. This is where the Queen of England stays when she visits Melbourne.

It is said to be the grandest house in Victoria (some say even all of Australia) It was built during the gold rush when Melbourne was flush with money and was intent on outdoing everyone else.


Melbourne Government House Ballroom

Mom and Dad were invited by the Governor of Victoria to Government House to attend a piano concert in the drawing room - kewl! They got to look around. Dad says the ballroom is huge and has a special seat for the Queen (of England). Dad asked my Mum for a waltz but see was too shy.

Melbourne Governement House Dinning Room

The dinning table in the dining room can seat 44 people!

Luna Park

Luna Park

Luna Park has lots of entertainment for kids and adults alike. It is located in St Kilda not far from the city.

Westgate Bridge

Westgate Bridge Melbourne

The Westgate Bridge is the longest bridge in Australia. It is over 2.6 kms long and soars over the Yarra River and the harbour. It offers a panoramic view of the harbour and the city.

This is a view of Melbourne taken from across the bay at Williamstown. Yes these Black Swans really do live there. (since these are not natural to Victoria they were probably imported from Western Australia at some time in the past).

History of Melbourne

Melbourne was founded in 1835 by John Batman and a group of businessmen who bought land from the local Aboriginals for some trinkets.

It was named, in 1837, after the British Prime Minister at the time: Lord Melbourne.

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The Moomba Festival is held in March every year in Melbourne, Victoria in Australia.


is an Aborigine word. It means:
getting together and having fun.

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