Tawny Frogmouth

The Tawny Frogmouth is a nocturnal insect hunter. It hunts for crawling inserts on the ground during the night. It has stiff whiskers around its large mouth to help it trap its prey. It has an unusual appearance which it uses to camouflage itself during the day. The frogmouth perches in a tree during the day while resting and fluffs up its tree-bark coloured feathers to look like a dead tree stump.



THE FROGMOUTHS SITTING ON OUR ROOF One day my Dad and I saw these funny looking things stuck on our roof. We were wondering how they possibly got up there. They looked like two dead tree stumps (one large and one small) . They didn't move at all. And they were there for hours in the hot sun. Finally Dad decided they were Tawny FROGMOUTHS. Yeap that's what they were.

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