Platypus Walking Video How Does a Platypus Walk?


Even though the platypus is an aquatic animal, it has four legs which it also uses for walking and burrowing. There are two interesting characteristics about the way it walks. Firstly, the platypus walks in a manner similar to a reptile, such as a crocodile or lizard by moving its legs from the side of its body rather than from under it. Secondly, because its front feet are fully webbed, the platypus walks on its knuckles in order to protect the webbing and to prevent them from getting entangled in obstacles as it walks. This is called Knuckle-walking. (Knuckle-walking is also used by gorillas and chimpanzees). Because a platypus is designed for efficiency in water it is not well adapted for walking on land. It has been estimated that it uses 30% more energy walking on land than a land animal of comparable size. They are rarely observed on dry land.

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