Marsupial Mole What is a Marsupial Mole?

The marsupial mole is a rarely seen and little known burrowing animal found in the dry and arid Australian Outback. Because of the extreme temperatures with broiling hot days and freezing nights this animal spends almost its entire life underground. It is probably the world's most underground-adapted mammal.

This little sausage-like animal measuring only 30cm in length has a featureless face with no eyes or ears. A callused horny shield protects its nose. Its silky smooth fur is almost white and tinged with golden red from the colour of the sand it burrows through. It has disproportionately large front claws with which it burrows through the soft sands of the Australian dessert.

Unlike most other burrowing animals the marsupial mole doesn't dig out hollow tunnels through which it travels. Instead, it seems to swim through the sand, like some sort of underwater swimmer, displacing the sand in front of it as it slow nudges itself forward and not creating any noticeable tunnel behind it.

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