Cassowary Attack


cassowary attacking human

The cassowary the endangered dinosaur bird of the rainforests of northern Queensland in Australia is a shy solitary animal that prefers to avoid humans. It is the second largest bird in the world, and also the most dangerous bird on the planet. It is, quite brave and will attack if threatened.

The bird will first try to scare the intruder away by stretching itself to its full height and ruffling its feathers and hissing loudly. If this fails to scar off the intruder the cassowary will lower its head and produce a deep booming sound as the pigmentation of its skin on its neck becomes much brighter and its body trembles. It will then attack fearlessly.

The cassowary attacks by jumping up in the air and kicking forward with its very powerful legs. Its inner toes are armed with dagger-like claws which can grow up to 18cm in length. It has a lighting fast kick, powerful enough to pierce and rip open flesh and severely injure or even kill its victim. Once provoked the cassowary will keep up its attack chasing its victims at speeds up to 60kph.

Cassowary feet with dagger-like claws

Statistic show that the cassowary is really more frightening than dangerous. The last recorded death of a human due to a cassowary attack was in 1926. This too was in self-defence when a teenager attempted to attack a cassowary with a club.


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