Blobfish — Why It's Such An Ugly Blob What Makes the Blobfish Blobby

Blobfish are bottom dwelling fish that live at depths in excess of 1000 meters off the coast of Australia. At this depth the water pressure is over a 100 times greater than on land at sea level.

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Why is the Blobfish a Blob? How the Blobfish becomes a Slime Blob

The blobfish looks pretty much like a normal bottom-dwelling fish when swimming in its habitat 1,000 meters below the surface of the ocean. This is because the high water pressure keeps its body in the correct shape. It only looks like a blob of jelly when it is out of deep water. The reason for this drastic distortion and collapse of its shape is due to the huge decrease in pressure around its body. When swimming in the depths of the ocean the water pressure around it forces its soft body into its natural shape.

An Example of How it Works

Here is a real life example of how this works. We all know of the slimy stuff kids play with called "Slime". Now when slime is in its container the sides of the container keep it in shape. In this case, the shape of the container is putting pressure on the slime, forcing it into a shape. However, when you take the slime out of its container it no longer has something forcing it to have a shape. So it becomes blobby and has no particular shape. The same principle applies on the blobfish. It is designed to work under pressure. The water acts like a container.

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