Mr Blobby - The Ugliest Animals in the WorldThe Sad Story of Mr Blobby - Winner of the Ugliest Animal Award

Mr Blobby (see photo) was a blobfish of the species Psychrolutes microporos. It was trawled up in 2003 by the NORFANZ scientific expedition from a depth of between 1013 to 1340 meters off the Norfolk Ridge 1300 km off the coast of eastern Australia. It was 285 mm in length and weighed 1.7kg.

Although called Mr Blobby, no one knows if this fish was a male or female as it was never dissected. Mr Blobby too had his "fifteen minutes of fame". He was an overnight media sensation.

Today, Mr Blobby sits alone in a bottle preserved in 70% ethyl alcohol, on a shelf in the Australian Museum Ichthyology Collection (AMS I.42771-001). He no longer looks like the photos. His skin has tightened, his eyes sunken and his distinctive nose has shrunk. Poor Mr Blobby.

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Blobfish World's Ugliest Animal Video

Blobfish – Is it the Ugliest Animal in the World? Beauty Contest was Rigged!

The poor blobfish. It was voted the "World's Ugliest Animal". The contest definitely wasn't fair. The judges didn't even use a proper photo of it when selecting it as the winner. The award was based on a 2003 photograph of Mr. Blobby.

The Ugly Animal Preservation Society had good intentions when it voted the blobfish the ugliest animal in 2013. It is trying to raise awareness of endangered animals that don't grab the public's imagination because they are ugly.

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