Cuttlefish The Fish Called "Nemo"

Cuttlefish are cephalopods that live and in the Great Barrier Reef off the north-eastern coast of Australia. Cuttlefish have special cells located on their skin which allow them to change colours to blend in with their environment. Sometimes they give vivid and colourful displays. They are related to squid and octopuses but unlike them the cuttlefish has a single internal bone supporting the fleshy parts of its body.

Description of Cuttlefish What Do Cuttlefishs Look Like?

Cuttlefish are about 80cm in length and weigh 1 – 2kgs. They are beleived to be very intellegnt creature. They have one of the largest brain to body mass ratio of any invertebrate.

Conservation Status Is the Cuttlefish Endangered?

The cuttlefish is not considered to be endangered.

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