Australia The Land Down Under

Map of Australia

Australians call different parts of their country by different names:

The City:
Is any large city and its suburbs. Over 85% of the people live in cities along the coast. Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and Canberra are major cities.

The Country:
Is the area immediately outside a city and usually includes the surrounding smaller towns and farms. Most of what is called "the country" is a stretch of land about 200 kilometres deep around the south-eastern seaboard of Australia. Upper Beaconsfield, the Great Ocean Road , the Dandenongs, etc are in "the country".

The Outback:
Is the sparsely populated arid interior of Australia. It makes up almost 85% of Australian landmass. The Outback is both harsh and breathtakingly beautiful. It's like no other place on earth. Coober Pedy, Uluru, etc are in the Outback.

The Commonwealth of Australia The 6th oldest democracy in the world

Map of Australia with States

The official name for Australia is the Commonwealth of Australia. It is a stable, culturally diverse, democracy following the Westminster form of government (the British model). It is made up of of 6 states and territories.

The six states are:

• Queensland

New South Wales

• South Australia

• Tasmania


• Western Australia


The two Territories are:

• The Australian Capital Territory (ACT)

• Northern Territory


The capital of Australia is Canberra.


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The six states were initial semi-autonomous British colonies which came together as a federation in 1900. This past is reflected in the anachronistic practice that each state still has a Governor General who is appointed by the Queen of England.

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