Wombat A Burrowing Marsupial Mammal

Wombats are Protect Species - Some are Endangered

Wombat Walking

Wombat in Burrow

Pronounced wom-bat.

The Wombat looks a bit like a like a baby bear. Its thick soft fur can vary in colour from light brown to black.

The Wombat is a marsupial mammal. It has a large head with a thick snout, thick whiskers and short stumpy legs with sharp claws. It weighs about 26kgs (55 lbs) and is about 1 meter (3 ft) long. I don't think it has a tail (actually it has a very small tail that is hardly noticeable). It makes lots of grunting noises.

Wombats are very shy animals.

It normally walks quite slowly but it can gallop as fast as 40 kmh (25 mph) for short periods when it wants to. It can also swim.

The Wombat lives in underground burrows which can be up to 20m long. It hollows out its burrow by lying on its side and digging with its front legs while pushing the dirt out with its hind feet.

It is a herbivore eating plant roots, bark and grass. It normally feeds at night but may come out during the day in colder months. Its teeth grow continuously and are worn down by its rough diet and digging.

Wombat poo is called a “scat”. The wombat leaves it outside its barrow as a scent signal to find its way back in the dark and to signal to other wombats that the barrow is occupied.

Its closest relative is the Koala.

The word Wombat is an aboriginal name.



The entrance to the female Wombat's pouch faces backwards. This is to prevent dirt from entering it when it is burrowing.

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