Red-bellied Black Snake
Red Belly Black Snake

Red-bellied Black snakeRed Bellied Black Snake of Australia


The red-bellied black snake is rather dangerous.

It is usually about 1.5 meters long but can grow up to 2.5 meters long. It has a purple-black body and a red-orange colored belly.

Red-Bellied Balck Snake eating a rat It hunts by day catching frogs, rats, mice, birds, lizards and even fish!

Like most snakes it is deaf, has a forked tongue, and no eyelids.

It likes damp places and usually lives in holes, rabbit burrows, hollow logs and under rocks.

It has between 8 and 40 live babies.

The red-bellied black snake is rather shy and will normally leave you alone.

It will only attack if you annoy it. So if you see one don't try to kill it or catch it. Just walk away from it slowly (scary stuff).

Its bite is very very painful and can kill a child and make a grownup very very ill.



Apply a pressure bandage and splint immediately to the bite and get to a doctor or hospital straight away.





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