Endangered Australian Animals List of Australian Animals Facing Extinction

Conservation Classification How are they Determined and Why So Different

Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (EPBC Act) the list of threatened species.


Endangered Australian Animals Many native animals of Australia are close to extinction

Number of Endangered Australian Animals






Fish 7 16 24 -
Frogs 5 14 10 4
Reptiles 8 17 34 1
Birds 9 47 62 24
Mammals 5 34 >55 27
Other 23 17 >11 6
Total 57 161 196 62+

According to the Australian Department of the Environment's Endangered Australian Animals List many Australian native animals are endangered and threatened with extinction. For example; even the cuddly Koala is listed as vulnerable, the Cassowary and Night Parrot are listed as endangered and the Gouldin Finch as critical. Below is a list of endangered native Australian animals.

Extinct Australian Animals Many native animals of Australia became extinct since humans arrived

Since the arrival of European settlers in 1788 Australia has lost numerous native animals and plants. The Tasmanian Tiger is a prominent example of a recently extinct Australian animal. The last died in captivity in 1936.

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