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Australian Animals Unique & Unusual Australian Animals


Australia has some of the most unusual animals in the world.
This is a result of their separate evolution on a continent that was isolated for millions of years from other land masses.
About 95 percent of the mammals, 70 percent of the birds, 88 percent of the reptiles and 94 percent of the frogs are found nowhere else in the world.

Introduced Animals in Australia

Humans deliberately brought various animals into Australia

Feral Camels in Australia

Animals were brought here for agricultural purposes (cattle and sheep), for transportation (camel and horse), for sport (rabbit and fox), for pleasure (myna bird and house sparrow) and for pest control ( Cane Toad).

Some of these creatures have been disastrous to the Australian ecology.

Here are a few which have been ecological disasters:



Until Europeans came there were no hoofed animals (like horses, cattle, goats, deer etc.) in Australia.

Only rats and mice were not brought here intentionally, arriving in Australia as stowaways on ships.


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Extinct Animals of Australia

Many native animals became extinct since humans arrived

Tasmanian Tiger now extinct

Since the arrival of European settlers in 1776 we have lost:A Tasmanian Tiger killed

  • • 7 of the 700 known species of birds
  • • 19 of the known species of mammals


The Tasmanian Tiger is an example of an animal that went extinct in only the last 100 years or so, It was hunted into extinction. The last tiger died in captivity in 1927.

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