Antechinus Pronounced Ant-e-chin-us

Yellow-footed Antechinus

Pic of Antechin

Yellowfooted Antechinus Distribution Map

The Yellow-footed Antechinus is quite common. It looks a lot like a mouse with a long pointy nose.

It is a nocturnal marsupial. That is it is most active during the night.

Its body is about 121 cm long and has a long tail. It weighs about 50g. The fur on its head is grey and it then becomes orange and brown on its sides, bottom and feet.

The Antechinus scampers about in search of prey and can run up side down on tree branches.

It usually eats insects, flowers and nectar. But may also eat small birds and mice. It has an unusual habit when eating bony animals like birds and mice; it neatly turns their skins inside out while eating them

It is found mostly along the east coast of Australia.

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